It is almost every human dream to walk down the aisle and capture that magical moment for future reference. A well-qualified wedding photographer is required to give camera services. The wedding couple can ask a friend or somebody they know who have done wedding before to connect them with the best photographer. Creativity in taking the photos could go a long way in capturing the best moment ever. The photo shooting could take place before, during, and immediately after marriage. 

The bride and groom are usually the center of attention. The photo taker usually works very hard to capture the moment as it is. It would be wise if the photographer carries an extra backup camera. 

The digital camera is considered the best as the photographer can detect a mistake in lighting and adjust accordingly. Though there are those, who consider the old camera which uses film to be the best the digital camera is more preferred. 

Wedding photography has two main ways of approaching it primarily the traditional and the photo journalistic though the photographers from of today come in between these two modes. The photographers who use the traditional way take charge of the moment; he tells the people to take a particular pose to

capture the details of the time in the best way possible. 

Some photographers always make sure that the life changing moment is great by offering the wedding couples with the make-ups and wedding gowns that they know could be better won during the marriage ceremony. 

The san francisco city hall wedding photography photographer should be in a position to show the unprinted work to their clients. For some photographers the evidence of the work is instant. The photographer should know the venue beforehand and should have experience of taking photos in such a place to give the best shots ever. 


The committee concerned with the wedding arrangements should be able to tell the photographer about the party that should meet the cost of transport, lunch among other indirect expenses. The photographer, on the other hand, should be able to charge a reasonable price for his/her services. Where the event is bigger than usual, the photographer has an option of seeking the services of other photographers in order to assist with the work and make it manageable. It should be a win-win situation for both the wedding couple and the photographer. Everybody should close the day happy. To learn more about wedding photography, you can visit